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Grogo LLC




Shop from your nearest grocery store in just a few clicks! Download the Grogo app, automatically connect to your nearest trusted store, place your order, and have it delivered within 15-45 minutes depending on the location. As easy as that!

This is how Grogo advertises its service of quick, clean, and affordable grocery deliveries, whether it be fruits or vegetables, through just being linked through nearby stores in the same way drivers and deliverers are linked to restaurants and residencies. Downloadable on Google’s very own play store and its quick and clean services are currently based in Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, with expansion plans throughout UAE, the Arab world, Asia and perhaps ambitiously yet practically make it a global fresh grocery delivery app. With a cherry in a wonderful logo, it spoils what the digital store has to offer; freshness you receive with a click of a button, freshness you open with a smile on your face.

User experience is the toughest job from the app development process, we believe the more options, the more problems users would face.

This app was designed keeping in mind the multi-lingual need of the region – English & Arabic; and we had to made sure it doesn’t spoil the user experience.

We designed a e-commerce grocery aggregator with these ideas in mind to ensure smooth user experience as well as minimalistic outlook.

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