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Limon Eats

Delivering food from Limon to Manzanillo, this international food delivery services website serves up some delicious treats in the great country of Costa Rica in the Caribbean. Some of its delicacies include Patacones, a wonderful plantain starter dish. It is a deep-fried dish freshly made out of lush plantains that grow in Costa Rica, Casado, a typical Costa Rica plate that includes rice, beans, chicken or other meat and a side order with a drink, and Caribbean Chicken and Rice, which is native to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, offering the most exotic Caribbean chicken rice dish in the region. The food is well priced and the website highly popular among the locals, looking for a quick, traditional fix to their hunger.With a very simplistic adding to the menu and checking out system, this system ensures that anyone can order with their limited technological knowledge, therefore casting a very wide net. Limon, working to develop a digitized future of Costa Rica, is proud to have partnered with Plan Z to draw on applications and websites, simplistic yet completely involving for potential customers. Growth in customers, with a wider variety of cuisines to go with it, is definitely expected as we enter the new decade with Limon.

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